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Sleeping Tips
for Restful Sleep

  1. Make sure you are going to bed stress free, try to sustain meditation routines such as taking deep relaxed and soothing breaths.
  2. Avoid sweet snacks or meals prior to your regular sleep time to avoid high sugar levels in your body that may cause hyper activity.
  3. Have a great book close to your reach as a calm alternative, avoid television or music sets.
  4. Avoid consuming substances such as nicotine, caffeine and alcohol prior to your regular sleep time.
  5. Try taking a warm bath before your sleep, this helps and sooth your muscles.
  6. Maintain a regular bedtime routine, try not to disrupt this pattern.
  7. Ensure your mattress and pillow is the perfect match for your liking.
  8. Keep your room between 16º -18ºC which ensures that your body is producing enough sleep enhancing melatonin.
  9. Ensure your sheets are of great quality, this helps avoid irritation which can be a distraction.
  10. Ensure your room is dark, high lighting may distress the body delaying sleep melatonin.
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