We Make Canadas Best Quality Mattresses.

About Us

A Legacy Born Out of True Commitment.

DreamStar takes pride in our craftsmanship, for over 20 years our values of ensuring our products meet the highest standards have been our top priority. We believe to build and create Canada’s most reputable mattress manufacturing facilities we must make certain our products undergo strict quality control and are equipped with top rated quality materials made here in Canada. At DreamStar our research extends beyond fundamental principles in order to fulfill healthy sleep unlike any other. We are proudly a 100 percent Canadian product and company which we know is valued from coast to coast.

Mattress Layers Breakdown

Luxurious Fabric

Comfort Layer

Comfort Layer


Nano Coil

Memory Foam

Lumbar Support
(Pocket coils)

Keep Scrolling

Your Quality of Sleep is Our Highest Priority.

At DreamStar we know a well-rested night’s sleep can make all the difference. We work with our dealer’s from coast to coast to ensure that all your sleep needs are fulfilled.We take comfort knowing our products provide and ensure quality sleep unlike any other. We are proud suppliers to many hotels, resorts, and hospitals across this beautiful nation.

Sleep Beyond The Stars

Dreamstar Bedding is a leading manufacturer of quality mattresses. With a diverse bedding collection that has been specifically selected to give our customers superior value in terms of sleeping and comfort.

100% Canadian Owned and Operated

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